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Surf City Sandwich is more than just your average sandwich shop. We offer artisan, hand crafted sandwiches with unique and creative flavor combinations sure to satisfy. Our motto “Go Fresh, or Go Home” means we take the quality of our food very seriously. Fresh, local bread and produce is delivered to us each day so you can be sure you are eating the best tasting and “best for you” food around. Owner run and operated, Chef Paul Figliomeni and Elaine Figliomeni have fulfilled their dream of combining their passion for food and his love of surfing together at Surf City Sandwich. Come on in to see rare vintage surfboards, watch live streaming waves, enjoy a bite and a beer from our local rotating taps and be STOKED ON SANDWICHES!

“Go Fresh, or Go Home!”

Will Change Your Life

The food here is crafted, not just cooked. You will be buying art, not just food. And the beer barnacles will change your life.

Anna B.

This Place is Perfect.

This place is perfect. Fresh, top-quality ingredients, creative flavor combinations, skillfully prepared, and I’m pretty sure almost everything is made in-house. Prime beer selection. On top of that, the service is great and the restaurant is always very clean.


This is a Very Good Restaurant

This is a very good restaurant by any standards but especially in Santa Cruz. The quality of ingredients is high in my opinion and the flavor of the sandwiches is unique. Let’s face it, we can all make a sandwich but that doesn’t make one an expert on building layers of flavor and texture in a new and different way. This is a well run business with a lot of attention to detail and pride in the product and the business.

Ray F.

Photo Courtesy: Santa Cruz Surfing Club Preservation Society | Harry Mayo Collection

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